“Will´s Book”

Documentary on the creation of Shakespeare’s First Folio (First edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare).

With: Sir Stanley Wells, Prof Emma Smith, Prof Paul Edmondson, Prof Tiffany Stern among others scholars.

SKY ARTS version narrated by Emma Smith – Released November 2023.

AMC LATAM version narrated by Greg Doran – Released April 2023.

International distribution: TVF International.

A collaborative production with Folio400.com


“From the West End”

Get the latest news from the West End. Interviews, plays, musicals and more.

“Film & Arts” channel – AMC Network. 20 million subscribers in Latin America.

In-flight entertainment content accessible across multiple airlines, reaching an audience of 150 million.

“Talking about Shakespeare”

A series of interviews talking about William Shakespeare work and life.

Season 1: Peter Ackroyd, Peter Brook, Ian McKellen, Simon Russell Beale, among others.

AMC LATAM – Released on October 2020



“Harold Bloom. The last interview”

Professor Harold Bloom, the most influential literary critic of the 20th century, discusses Shakespeare on television one last time.

AMC LATAM – Released on April 2020


“Shakespeare and religion”

Currently under production.



“Graciela Borges, my life in films”

Mrs. Graciela Borges (Cannes, Venice and San Sebastian award winner) shares thoughts and stories regarding her film career.

We produced 1 documentary, 10 short films, and 40 podcast episodes.

“Film & Arts” channel – AMC Network. 20 million subscribers in Latin America.

“Norma on the cloud”

Mrs. Norma Aleandro (Golden Globe and Academy Award nominee) shares thoughts and short stories written by herself.

We produced 40 short films and 40 podcast episodes.

“Film & Arts” channel – AMC Network. 20 million subscribers in Latin America.

This show was nominated to the Martin Fierro Award  2021 / Best TV Show – Art&Trends (Argentina).

“Comedy Festival”

The finest Argentine comedians came together to bring laughter to Latin America.

Season 1 (8 episodes). 

HUMORBA platform – Released on June 2019