Portraits of Shakespeare

We admire Shakespeare for his works, not neccessarily his appearance. And yet it seems to matter greatly to us how a writer like Shakespeare´s stature looked. Even within Shakespeare´s lifetima there was curiosity about what the writer of such brilliant poems, sonnets and plays look like. Yet like so much else about him, Shakespeare´s appearance is mysterious. Again and again, the three earliest surviving images of the great poeat-playwright have been viewed as artistically disappointing and frusttratingly unrevealing in terms of the playwright´s “real-life” appearance, and have left his admirers hungry for something better. Can we be certain that none of the surviving images of Shakespeare originate from his life-time?



Including full-colour images of the portraits and documentaries, this exhibition will bring to you evidence of a continuing desire to put a face to one of the most famous names in literature.

This exhibition is supported by The City of London & The London Archives.